I know we all might have been thinking about why I created this blog initially. I know people would say stuff like, ‘Shit!! This shit ain’t a fashion blog or a what have you blog. Damn it’, you click the back button. 

You know that hurts, huh? Lol
Er, everyone of us loves reading stories, fiction especially, poems or essays. So, whenever you wanna click the back button, think of the heart-melting and mind-blowing stories, poems and essays you would miss. Lol. I bet it you won’t see this kind anywhere. 
Why latoriaa? What do we do, really? 
Okay. I write always having you and I in mind; I write having the society in mind. There are some things the society need to curb and embrace and I feel there is a reason for you and I to be informed. Hence, the reason for this blog. 
So, we help in creating a world we all desire through our essays, poems and stories. You and I can make the society worth living for all irrespective of our background or status. You know lives are shaped and sharpened by the pen? Yes!! Sit back, grab a popcorn and a chilled drink, Coca-Cola, especially and read.
You could also tell us how best to feed your mind by replying to all our posts; suggesting topics for us on what you think the world should know and telling us how to improve on our posts. See you on the next one. 💗
Latoria cares.💕💞